Sunday, December 22, 2013

Santa came a little early to our house and brought a ....

DOG!!! Okay, okay....I bought the dog as a surprise present to my husband. It didn't go exactly as planned. He is still shocked that I did it. I thought he would be thrilled as he had always talked about loving a dog....until I surprised him with one. I knew he always wanted a big dog. A manly dog, as he always put it. So, I bought a German shepherd (my favorite) puppy 9 weeks old. He is HUGE already. And has the biggest paws on a puppy that I have ever seen!

My husband is slowly coming around and out of the shock. My oh my a puppy is work!!!! Holy cow! Thankfully he is a good sleeper and we take him out a few times during the night to potty, but he always goes right back to sleep. I feel like he is an infant and we are trying to get him on a schedule. The biggest issue is watching him every minute so he doesn't tear down, or eat everything. He is sneaky and it only takes a minute for him to find trouble. Wears. Me. Out!! He is busy, but oh my goodness he is so cute!!

So....met WILEY.

It's a good thing he is so cute, because I am worn slam out! Not to mention my cat Simba HATES him!!!

Yes, he is lazy and likes to eat like that. Yesterday he turned over a full water bowl 4 times. So please buy stock in paper towels as I will be buying a crazy amount now!

This is the first night and he was worn out. Erica loved having him nap with her.

That my exciting Christmas news so far. Gotta go grab a nap while Wiley is napping.

Merry Christmas!!!



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