Saturday, October 26, 2013

Are you hooked on reality TV too?

Yes, I'm guilty and I own it. I LOVE reality TV!!!! Okay? I know what you're thinking. Time waster and terrible TV....right? Wrong! Not to me anyway. I admit some of it is pure crap, but I am totally hooked on some of it.

My top all time favorite is Survivor. I have watched it from the very beginning. My husband says it's because of the host, Jeff Probst, which is a total cutie.

Our whole family watches on Wednesday nights. It has been tradition for years now that we all settle in on the couch to watch it with hot cookies fresh out of the oven. Very few episodes have been watched without cookies.

My next favorite show isn't a favorite with the rest of my family. Bravo's Housewives. Augh, love just about all of them. This show makes my husband crazy. If he's in the room he leaves as he says the show stresses him out. Hahaha! It's the complete opposite for me. It's a stress reliever to me. After a long crazy day at work, I love to tune in and get wrapped up in their craziness and forget about everything for a while. With most all of their crazy problems, it makes mine seem fairly insignificant. My favorite, The Housewives of Beverly Hills, is about to start back up the first part of November. Can. Not. Wait.

I could go on and on about different ones....The Bachelor, Sister Wives, 19 Kids and Counting. And yes I was even a huge fan of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Call me weird, but I guess I love seeing a sneak peek into people's lives. That's probably why I love blogging and following blogs. It gives me a glimpse into others peoples lives.

What shows are you hooked on? Is it a reality show?


Saturday, October 19, 2013

What is your getaway plan?

I'm not talking about rob a bank getaway plan! I'm talking your I gotta get the heck away and recharge kind of plan. I'm alway curious as to what that is for others. We all have those busy times that are just go, go, go all the time. Some of us have jobs that are busier certain times of the year than others. At my house it seems to be busy from June to New Years....and I'm not kidding. My husband officiates college football and it's football business year round at our house, but it really gets busy for him in the summer and even crazier when the season kicks off. So, we try to get in little get aways during the off season. Weekend trips are perfect for quick getaways. We are lucky that we live near the mountains and can get in little hikes even for a quick day trip. But our favorite overnight getaway is to a cabin in the mountains...with snow!!!! We both love the snow. And my favorite time to do that is right after Christmas. We have booked a cabin trip after Christmas a couple of times and its heavenly! After all of the rushing around and craziness of the holiday, it's so nice to chill and enjoy a few days of rest. The last time the owners had the cabin decorated including a Christmas tree. It was pretty awesome!

This cabin was next to a creek so it was relaxing to sit in the hot tub and hear the creek right beside us.


Of course, let's not forget beach getaways. I think for a lot of people this is the ultimate for relaxation and recharging. I like the beach and really enjoy it, but I tend not to relax as much there. I feel that I have so much to squeeze in while there. Tanning, great restaurants, shopping and up before the sun to get sunrise pictures. I often return home thinking I need a few days to recover! My husband isn't really a beach person. He is good for a day of it...And That's About It.


These are a few pictures from our recent trip to Myrtle Beach SC. The middle of October and mid 80's. It felt a little weird as by October I'm in full on boots and sweater mode!
I'm already planning a couple of getaways for this about you?