Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Christmas in pictures

It all seems like a blur now. I hate it when that happens. We had a great Christmas. It was spent with lots of visits with family and friends. I've cleaned up my kitchen so many times that I feel like I work in a restaurant.

I didn't take as many pictures as I normally do, as our new puppy has kept me quite busy! I love that little snuggle bug, but man he wears me out! So, he's the reason for so few pictures, but it's a pretty good reason.

I got this cute little wine bottle candle holder from my friend Terri. Just love it!

Wileys first Christmas with us.

The girls, husband and mother inlaw on Christmas Eve.

My brother and sister inlaw on Christmas Eve.

My brother inlaw and family visiting.

Since Christmas has been so busy, I plan to relax and chill for the new year.

Happy New Year!




Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas from my house to yours....

Just a day late but yesterday was so busy and fun that I didn't get a chance to post a picture. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas.



Sunday, December 22, 2013

Santa came a little early to our house and brought a ....

DOG!!! Okay, okay....I bought the dog as a surprise present to my husband. It didn't go exactly as planned. He is still shocked that I did it. I thought he would be thrilled as he had always talked about loving a dog....until I surprised him with one. I knew he always wanted a big dog. A manly dog, as he always put it. So, I bought a German shepherd (my favorite) puppy 9 weeks old. He is HUGE already. And has the biggest paws on a puppy that I have ever seen!

My husband is slowly coming around and out of the shock. My oh my a puppy is work!!!! Holy cow! Thankfully he is a good sleeper and we take him out a few times during the night to potty, but he always goes right back to sleep. I feel like he is an infant and we are trying to get him on a schedule. The biggest issue is watching him every minute so he doesn't tear down, or eat everything. He is sneaky and it only takes a minute for him to find trouble. Wears. Me. Out!! He is busy, but oh my goodness he is so cute!!

So....met WILEY.

It's a good thing he is so cute, because I am worn slam out! Not to mention my cat Simba HATES him!!!

Yes, he is lazy and likes to eat like that. Yesterday he turned over a full water bowl 4 times. So please buy stock in paper towels as I will be buying a crazy amount now!

This is the first night and he was worn out. Erica loved having him nap with her.

That my exciting Christmas news so far. Gotta go grab a nap while Wiley is napping.

Merry Christmas!!!



Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas is coming at full speed

Wow, tomorrow starts a new week which means Christmas is next week....yikes! I feel like Halloween was just last week. Well, ready or not Christmas is coming at full speed now.

Since the flu hit me hard the weekend of thanksgiving I was really thrown for a loop for a good 2 weeks. Because of that I was way behind on decorating and shopping. So, I accomplished a lot this weekend and starting to feel relief. I hate to be pressured to shop right up until Christmas. I love having the decorating and shopping done so I can relax and enjoy the magic of Christmas. I didn't do a lot of decorating this year, but I love the coziness of the house with all of the lights and candles lit. It feels so cozy.

I love lots of candles lit at night.

Now it's time to get busy wrapping the rest of the presents. And working on a grocery list for all the baking that will be done soon. I'm ready to slow the season down and enjoy it. If only we could get a little snow to make it magical!!!!


Monday, December 2, 2013

That's's on!!

The count down to Christmas is on! Let the stress and craziness begin. Well, hopefully not. I am so far behind that it's crazy, but I'm not going to stress over it for a change.

Thanksgiving was amazing. I didn't have to cook a thing this year since my mother inlaw volunteered and I was thrilled. We ate an early lunch with her and then hit the road for vacation. Since my husband had to work a football game in Nashville TN, we all tagged along. I have never been to Nashville and it was fun. The best part of our trip was the Gaylord Hotel. That place was awesome and over the top. The inside kind of reminded me of the inside of a cruise ship. Just packed full of restaurants and places to shop. It was totally decked out in Christmas decorations so it was a sight to see. Here are a few pictures from inside the Gaylord.

The next best thing was the indoor outlet mall next door. Of course we had to hit that twice before our vacation ended. We got a little shopping done for the girls, but I could have dropped some serious money in that place.

Now that we are back home it's time to get serious about decorating and shopping. Next on the list is the Christmas tree.....I have never been this late in decorating. I always love the house all lit with sparkly lights for Christmas.

Happy decorating!!