Sunday, February 23, 2014

Join me for a cup of coffee

Join me for a cup of coffee is a post I'm trying to do on Sundays. Just a recap of the week in pictures. Some weeks...not so many pictures, but having a Sunday post motivates me to keep my camera close by.

I know everyone is sick of talking about the crazy weather, but man it's up and down. Last week we had 10 inches of snow. Today it's 60 degrees outside. It's crazy! I like winter temps in winter! So, please bring on more snow. The break in the cold did get us out hiking and running with Wiley. I have to admit that 60 degrees does make for pretty good running.

I caught this picture this morning before our hike. Not the best picture, but we were in a hurry.

More wintry weather is in the forecast for next week, so I'm hopeful we haven't seen the last of the snow. You know I like snow pics!

This cold winter has me making a pot of homemade soup just about every weekend. I love it! Nothing screams comfort food like soup simmering on the stove. I have been rotating the same 3 or 4 soup recipes, so I think it's time to dig out a few more.

Last, but not least recap for the week is a business idea that I'm working on. I'll talk details once it's all set in motion, but I have spent quite a bit of time researching and planning the last few months. Starting a business, even a small one, is very daunting. I'm very thankful that so many bloggers own other businesses and they frequently post about their business start up do's and dont's.

At home it's easy to get side tracked with other things when I need to be working on my business start up. Especially with these two always by my side....

And this one...

See what I mean? Just bring out a laptop or notebook and they want to be in your lap.

So, I headed out to Starbucks near my house yesterday to get a little work in undisturbed. It was heaven! And COFFEE always makes me happy!

How was your week?




Sunday, February 16, 2014

Grab a cup of coffee with me

Grab a cup of coffee with me and tell me about your week. It's Sunday morning and the house is quiet for a change. That's only because my husband has headed out for a walk with our very hyper puppy this morning...sigh...he wears me out!

This past week was AWESOME! If you know me well at all you know why. SNOW...beautiful SNOW! We had the biggest snow storm in 4 years. I was in heaven! It started about 3pm on Wednesday and snowed heavily all evening and all night long. It dumped about 8 inches overnight and continued to snow on Thursday with another 2 inches. 10 INCHES TOTAL! It was awesome.

This picture was taken Wednesday afternoon at the beginning of the storm. I settled in with a glass of wine and watched the ground start to cover with snow.

It was also Valentines this week. Since Valentine's day is always a nightmare here with the restaurant scene, we decided on something different this year. Wednesday evening we headed downtown in the snow, before it got too bad, to a local chocolate company for an early Valentine's treat. Chocolate fondue.

We sat by the window watching the snow fall while enjoying a chocolate treat. It was so beautiful and romantic! It was early enough in the snow storm that we could travel around easily enough. We both love driving and walking around in it while it's still snowing. Although it's hard to get good pictures while it's snowing heavily.

When we got back home we took Wiley, our puppy, out in the snow and he loved it! Thankfully he loves it as much as we do. I tried my best to get good pictures of him out in it, but it was close to impossible.

Most of my pictures of Wiley were a blurry mess because he was running and rolling.

The snow was coming down so hard that mostly all of my pictures were a mess.

The next day we headed out for a long walk and it was beautiful. Walking in deep snow is quite the workout, but I love how quiet it is outside while it's snowing. It feels very magical to me.

I love when the snow clings to every branch. Winter wonderland!


Red seems to really pop when the ground is snow covered.

I love our side of town and it's even more beautiful when it snows.

The next day we were trapped in our neighborhood since the roads weren't plowed yet. We headed out to the dirt trails close to our house and it was so beautiful. I didn't mind one bit being bound to the house and missing 2 days of work. It was nice to slow down and enjoy Mother Nature :)

How was your week???