Saturday, June 28, 2014

But....I have a GREAT excuse!

I feel like I have committed the greatest blogger sin with no posts for the last few months...Yikes!!  But...but...I have a great excuse!  Actually a couple of reasons.  I left my old job and started a new job.  My stepdaughter graduated from high school....AND I launched a new business!

I'm so excited to finally share what has kept me so busy the last few months.  Actually about 6 months or so.  I created and launched a mobile spray tanning business....Tailored Tan!  Since launching in April I have been so blessed with such a great response.

I've always wanted to own a business of some sort, but nothing really seem to fit.  It all started last summer when I was preparing to be in a friends wedding.  The wedding was set for early October and  we were wearing strapless chocolate brown dresses. I knew by October I would be white and pasty and in need of a little color.  I had already sworn off tanning beds and was in search of a great fake tan.  I soon found there were few options.  I knew I couldn't just do self tanner as I would never reach the back of me for the strapless dress without creating a hot mess.  I decided to try a spray tan.  I put a post out on Facebook asking my friends for suggestions for a spray tan and the results were less than exciting.  Most people were terribly disappointed in their spray tans...especially those from a spray tan booth.  Augh...not what I wanted to hear.  So, there went the spray tan booth idea, so I went in search of someone that can spray me directly.  Again, I was disappointed as I only found one option.  It was at a very nice high end spa and the tan turned out really good.  I was relieved to find an option, but worried that I didn't have a chance to try it prior to the week leading up to the wedding.  I ended up being very pleased with the results!

As I was searching for the perfect tan, I started thinking maybe this could be a business to launch.  Apparently this type of business was needed here.  Then the light bulb went off and I thought MOBILE business would be a great option as I couldn't find any mobile spray tanning options.  That's when I started my research on spray tanning businesses.  Equipment, tanning solutions, was all so overwhelming and so hard to find information and help.  I wanted to do it right and learn from the best, but that proved to be difficult.  Months later I was informed, prepared, trained and ready to go.  When I was finally ready to announce Tailored Tan, I created a Facebook page and the response was been amazing!  Gotta love free advertisement!

It seem once spring was nearing our family life kicked into high gear.  As I mentioned my step daughter graduated from high school.  Life has been a little crazy....especially juggling two jobs.  I've missed blogging and ready to jump back in!  I'm heading to a blogging workshop tomorrow and CAN NOT WAIT!  It's the jump start I need and treating timing.  Can't wait to post all about it.

Have a great weekend!

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