Sunday, March 2, 2014

Grab a cup of coffee with me

It's Sunday and that time of the week when I grab a cup of coffee and reflect back to my week. Hopefully in pictures. Granted some weeks my camera doesn't get much action, but I'm working on that.

This week has been rough, and I mean really rough. Work has been crazy and it seemed that everything I touched at work turned to crap! Ever had one of those weeks?? I was just as behind by Friday as I was when the week started. This was my reward for living through the crap to see Friday. Nothing compares to a little Panera Bread treat.

The past week was our 9 year anniversary. Since things were a little crazy, we didn't get the chance to head away out of town this time. We did get to catch the UVA vs Miami basketball game. A friend of ours got us great seats and that was a lot of fun!

Yesterday I went to a Photography Boot Camp with a friend. It was pretty amazing and just what I needed. I love my Nikon, but it can be pretty intimidating with all of the settings. I'm sure this is the first of many that I will need to learn all I need to about my camera.

This past week was stressful and crazy busy, and I'm hopeful this week will be better. I got the best news possible this mornng....SNOW STORM! Yep, it's coming our way starting early tomorrow morning with 3-8 inches possible. YES! Bring. It. On! So, I think this new week is shaping up pretty good already.

What are you looking foward to this week?





  1. The camera is one of the very best technological inventions EVAH! It immortalizes the moment and creates a new world in the sense everything becomes art!

    This past week we got all the tax stuff together and are preparing for the vineyard harvest. Pretty exciting as it is the first year harvest, but overwhelming at the same time.

    This week is full of appointments. Saturday I go to a friend's baby shower, and I have a few more items to crochet for "baby girl". Enjoy the snow and have a marvelous week!

    1. Augh, we have worked on our taxes too. I really hate that whole process. I will enjoy the snow and hopefully get a few good pictures.

      Enjoy your week and the baby shower!

  2. That lovely snow storm is "hitting" us too. We got 2 of the 12 inches that we were suppose to get.

    I hope that you have a much better week this week. Not fun when everything seems to go wrong.

    I am going to be doing a lot of subbing this week which should make things interesting.

    1. Lydia, my husband is a teacher and just got the call that school is closed tomorrow due to the snow storm coming. He's doing the happy dance right now.

      I would love to get all 8 inches they say are possible tomorrow. We'll see....