Saturday, November 2, 2013

One of my favorite weeks!

First of all hello November! Please slow down! It always feels that once Halloween is over I blink and it's Christmas Eve. So, please sloooow down.

This past week is one of my favorite weeks of the year. The fall colors here seem to reach their peak and it's AMAZING! That one reason, the second is Halloween! Which means scary movie marathon all week! I. Love. It! I watch one after another. I try to DVR some of my classic favorites. My husband is not a fan at all, but he did watch the movie Halloween with me Halloween night. That one he can easily take. My teenage step daughters were here the other night and they suggested we watch the scariest one I had recorded....that was The Strangers. Augh, that movie is crazy and very nerve wrecking! Here is a picture of how we do scary movies here. Sorry it's a little dark, but we wanted all of the lights off for the movie.

There were lots of screams that the houses around us probably heard. My husband thought it would be funny to sneak around the house and BANG on the front door as loud as he could!!!!! We wanted to hurt him!! If you have seen the movie The Strangers you would know why.

Another favorite this week is we got Boo-ed! This is a first for me, but it's a fun little neighborhood game of leaving treats at your door and keeping the game going. This what I found on our door earlier this week.

Next of course is carving the pumpkin. The girls seemed to have outgrown this, but not me! You gotta have a lit pumpkin on your porch on Halloween. Then of course the best part is smelling the pumpkin seeds roasting in the oven.

Yeah, I know my pumpkin carving skills are pathetic, but it's still fun. And I'm sure all THREE trick or treaters I had come to the house loved it. Yes, that's right only 3 at our house. Bummer, because it's my favorite part. I told my husband we need to move to a busier neighborhood.

Okay, the last favorite thing from this week was helping my mom set up her new iPad (from 3 hours away) over the phone. Well, maybe not favorite since I needed a big glass of wine after that call...that took 90 minutes. I helped her download Facebook and gave her a quick lesson on iPads. But the best was showing her how to FaceTime. She thinks it's amazing!! And of course I get moved up to the favorite child

So, that was my favorite week! Halloween week! I hope yours was just as fun!


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