Sunday, June 2, 2013

Uninvited guest....

Summer has arrived and brought an uninvited guest....humidity!  Augh!  For the first time in a long while I actually enjoyed spring this year.  We had a few hot days, but quite a few cooler days to enjoy.  Now that June has arrived the temps are creeping up and humidity is here to stay.  I used to long for beautiful summer days, but humidity has ruined it for me.  I love the pool and the beach, but if you're not in or close to water the heat and humidity here can be rough.  I have made the mistake of going on vacation to the beach in July and August and that can be tough.  So, now I take my beach trips the first half of June and enjoy it so much more.  I think a lot of people change up their outside activities a little when summer arrives.  I change my running routine to late weeknights and early weekend mornings to escape the heat. 

Another uninvited guest arrived this year....cicadas!!!  Lord help me!  These things not only gross me out, but they are SO LOUD!  I can hear them from inside the house.  They are everywhere and the streets are covered in crushed cicadas.  See my picture below.  These are the shells they leave behind in the trees.  I feel like I'm in a horror movie every time I walk under the tree limbs to get to my car.  So, how many days until fall weather???

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