Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ahh, the smell of coffee. of my addictions.  I admit it.  I'm making up for lost time because I was probably 30 years old before I would touch it.  Call me a late bloomer.

My friends call me a coffee snub, but I love good coffee.  Not the cheap stuff either.  I would rather go without it!  Give me Starbucks any time.  Yes, I'm one of those people.  I'm a Starbucks fan and buy a bag of beans every week.  Now if I could get one of their Starbucks ball caps I would be happy!  Not only do I love their coffee, but I love to hang out there with my nook or iPad and read while sipping on coffee.  If only I could  convince my boss that I would be more productive setting up my mobile office there....hmm will have to work on that one.

Now I will drink other coffee, but it has to be good coffee.  We brew Dunkin Donuts at work and I like that too, but not my favorite.  And believe it or not, but I will drink McDonalds coffee too when in a pinch.  So, I see why some call me a coffee snub....kind of.

When the Keurig came out everyone just knew I would run to the store for that one.  Nah, we drink way too much coffee each day for those Kcups.  I would be broke buying those things.  I certainly see the appeal and it makes a good cup of coffee, but that seems best for those that only have one coffee drinker in the house.  I like my brewed pot of coffee.  I love it even more with my Cuisinart coffee pot with built in bean grinder.  Yum!!  And of course we must add a little sweetness to enjoy with our cupcakes!  I think I'll open a new business call Coffee and Cupcakes.  Yep, I think that would be my dream job :)

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