Monday, May 27, 2013

Debut post...

Do you find yourself counting down for everything in life?  Do you count down until the weekend....the next season.....for vacation....the next holiday off from work?  Me too.  I find its hard not to do it, but I had a change of heart lately.   Now that I'm approaching my "late" 40's I want life to slow down a little now.  Enjoy each day as if I've counted down for it, instead of wishing my life away.  This is life, right here, right now...this day.  I admit, it's not easy to do, but life is passing by faster than I would like. 

The next thing I've started to do is take pictures...of everything!  Document this life I'm living.  I think we tend to grab the camera during the holidays, birthdays, beach trips and then put it back on the shelf.  Why not take pictures of normal life happenings?  I know that 30 years from now I will forget what our normal routine life was like in my 40's and it would be great to see a few more pictures besides Christmas gatherings.  Going through my parents old pictures is one of my favorite things to do.  Recently I sat down with my grandmother and looked through album after album of old pictures of her life.  She had a huge box of pictures that needed to be put in albums and my mother and her sisters worked on getting almost all of the pictures in albums.  It was a major project, but I know they enjoyed the walk down memory lane. 

Like the title says, this is my debut post.  I finally decided to take the leap and start my own blog of life and one picture at a time.   I hope you follow along!

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